The steps to becoming an EbonyBET Agent are quite simple. From your registration to shop inspection and final validation, these procedures have been made to be very straightforward and easy for all aspiring EbonyBET agents.


Get a shop/space big enough to accommodate you, your staff and potential customers.

Also make sure your shop/space is in an area where a lot of people pass through as this will make it easier for you to have people coming in to place bets.

Please contact us after a shop location has been gotten so we would carry out the necessary verification (Be sure no other agent is within 10poles) before payment is made and shop is setup.


You’ll be needing the following tools

  1. Computers: This can either be a desktop or a laptop. Any decent computer will do. It is advised that it has at least Windows 7 Operating System or above to avoid technical issues.
  2. Printer: This will be used to print match fixtures and odds for the customer to view.
  3. Thermal Printers: This is the type of printer used to print receipts when you use your ATM card to pay for purchases in supermarkets and other outlets. In this case, it is used to print tickets for bets placed for customers.
  4. Internet: You need fast Internet. The internet service you should use MUST depend on the location of your shop. Please find out beforehand which internet service provider supplies the best service for the location of your shop before purchasing any.
  5. Generator: This is also very important, unless you have 24 hours light in your area.
  6. Furniture and Fittings: This includes the workstation for the cashiers and fixtures board for pasting daily fixtures in the shop.
  7. Chairs: Plastic or metal chairs are advised, depending on your budget.
  8. Decoders and Dish: Important for streaming sports and virtual games.
  9. Television Sets: For viewing sports and virtual games.
  10. Stationeries: Such as thermal paper, A4 paper, office pins e.t.c.


You also need to send the following documents to EbonyBET’s Agent Department at the headquarters for verification and registration OR simply scan all documents and send to [email protected] with a completed registration form which would be sent to you.

Also, kindly note that you are also required to provide the following for verification before application is processed

  • Utility bill of the intending bet shop
  • Photographs of the shop (interior and exterior)
  • A valid means of identification i.e. international passport, driver’s license, voter’s card or national identification card.


Please note that registration to be an EbonyBET Agent is completely FREE. Also, Agents have the option of choosing the amount they would like credited to their EbonyBET Agent Account.

Once this is done and we have verified the documents you sent to us in Step Four above, you would then be accepted into our Agency program. An EbonyBET Retail Operative would then be sent to your location and the installation of the EbonyBET software will be done on your computer.

Additionally, an Agent Manager account will be created for you and training will be provided to you and/or your staff on how to use the software.