Placing a bet with Ebonybet has been made very easy. With our responsive platform, state-of-the-art sportbook management and Customer-friendly personnel, Winning with EbonyBET is a sure thing.

The Bonus Program

  1. All bonuses of Users are limited individually to one person, home address, telephone number and e-mail address, one bill of payments (such as by card number or bank account). The company has the right to refuse the bonus to any User or group of User. Bonus programs are available only to Users who have made a deposit in real currency to their account in EbonyBET.
  2. In case of violation of any requirement of the bonus programs, and also if there is any evidence of recurrent bets at one and the same event from a group of customers, or conspiracy, regardless of the result of the given bets, EbonyBET reserves the right to deprive these Users from a bonus and to consider the corresponding bets as invalid. For the purposes of protection against fraud the company has the right to demand a document from the client proving identity before transferring a bonus.


  1. Available methods of payments are determined by the country and the currency selected during registration. A complete list of fees, limits on them and other items is displayed on the Deposits and Withdrawals page. EbonyBET reserves the right to change these terms and details.
  2. When conducting any financial transactions it is necessary that the name of the owner of the debit/credit card or bank account exactly match the name of the owner of the appropriate account of EbonyBET. Otherwise EbonyBET reserves the right to cancel all transactions and make a return on all bets made while using someone else’s account or credit/debit card.


Entry of money on account

  1. If any funds have been transferred to the User erroneously, the User is obliged to notify the company immediately. Any winnings of the client arising from such an error shall be considered   invalid, and such bets are refundable, regardless of the delay between the origin of the error and the time it was seen.
  2. If the deposits to the account were made for any other purpose than bets, poker, casino and financial betting, the company (particularly in case of suspected fraudulent money turnover) reserves the right to cancel a deposit and collect from the User all costs incurred as a result of processing the deposit.
  3. If the User’s deposit exceeds the bet’s amount, at the client’s request for withdrawal EbonyBET reserves the right to charge the User all costs incurred as a result of processing deposits and withdrawals.


Financial constraints

  1. The minimum bet on any event is the equivalent of ₦50 in the registered currency of game account. The minimum bet in express mode and the minimum bet on one version of the system is the equivalent of ₦50.
  2. The maximum coefficient of Accumulator bets is 100. Accumulator bets, in which the coefficient of winnings exceeds the maximum, are calculated with a coefficient of 100. In these cases, the sum of winnings should not exceed the maximum payment for a single bet. The maximum coefficient of winnings for each version of the system is 100. Variants of systems on which the coefficient of winnings exceeds the maximum, are calculated with coefficient 100.
  3. The maximum amount of the bet on the event depends on the sport and the events and is defined by the bookmaker network specifically for each event and each type of bet and is subject to change without prior written notice. EbonyBET reserves the right to limit the maximum bet on individual events, as well as the introduction and removal of specific restrictions on the accounts of individual Users without notice or explanation of reasons.
  4. All financial limitations are applicable to each User/group acting in cahoots, which make bets containing the same prediction. If the User makes a number of bets containing the same prediction, the total payment on these bets may be limited by the size of a maximum payment regulated by given limitations.


  1. Payments are processed in a time not exceeding 72 hours starting from the moment that the request was made. Before the first payment will be made to the User by electronic payment methods (Skrill, credit or debit card, etc.), the client is obliged to attach an electronic copy of a passport to the Documents section to confirm their identity. Remember that forgery is severely punished by law, and in cases of suspicion of placing a counterfeit or an edited copy of the documents by electronic methods, EbonyBET reserves the right to send such documents to the appropriate regulatory authorities.
  2. Before making the payment, the employees of the company will verify the correspondence of the name, surname, father’s name, birth dates of the client and also other data. If differences are found between the actual data and the data provided by the client, EbonyBET reserves the right to make a refund for all bets by the User and refuse to pay out winnings to the User unless they prove the identity and accuracy of entered data.
  3. If it turns out that the User has opened several accounts in the company, EbonyBET reserves the right to refuse to pay out for these accounts (except the User’s assets legitimately transferred to the account of EbonyBET after his payment of a fine in the measure of 10% of the total amount of deposits).
  4. In the first order for a withdrawal in cash the User must enter valid passport details exactly as in the passport in the language of the country that issued the passport (or in the case of foreign passports – in English).
  5. Group and family members should regulate personal relationships with each other – payments are made ONLY in the name of the owner of the appropriate account.
  6. The User agrees to provide EbonyBET with information about his bank account from which the bets will be made in particular, in order to transfer his winnings.
  7. EbonyBET is not responsible for changes in the amount of payments related to fluctuations of currency (rate of exchange).
  8. If the User has requested a withdrawal in the amount of ₦1,000 or more (or the equivalent in another currency at the interbank rate), EbonyBET pays a commission on the transfer and subsequent operations of withdrawals in the given calendar month. Otherwise, the commission is paid to the bank by the User.
  9. The Company reserves the right of funds’ withdrawal using a priority for itself method of payment for winning players (including credit/debit card or to the player’s bank account).
  10. Before ordering the first payment, the player must bet on at least 50% of the payment as a deposit of money amount. This requirement is introduced to combat fraud and “money laundering” by players.


Maximum winnings

The maximum winnings of each individual User is ₦20,000,000 (net winnings, without counting the amount of set money).