It is a Special Offer dedicated to the Multiple or Combined bets with at least 5 items (Events/Games) inside them.

The promotion provides a stake cashback if only an event will be settled as lost or if all the item will be settled as lost. That is, a cashback will be activated if only event, out of the 5 combined, is lost.



Climb the EbonyBET Ladder is a promotion package that employs you to add more events as possible in your ticket and you can reach a bonus equal to the 150% of your potential winning! This is the way to present this standard and non-typical bonus to our customers: “the more you climb, the more you earn”!

In addition this Promotion is important because the two previous promotions will be affected by this bonus.


This promotion category is similar to the DREAM 3AM. The only difference is that THE BATTLE allows a 1 vs 1 most goals scored for that day contest. That is, for a Ronaldo vs Costa, the final result will be created by the amount of goals scored by each individual striker, from their respective league.

It is a unique and special heat between 2 Top Players. The final result will be created by the total of the goals scored by each Player in his own and real match.

Predict who will score more goals between Player 1 and Player 2 in THE BATTLE.